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Published: 27th November 2008
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If you are wondering what is the ideal swimming pool temperature then it is not a very easy question to answer. It is so because the proper swimming pools temperature depends largely on the preferences of the swimmers. Based on the recommended heater temperature and the settings from all manufacturers virtually, the ideal temperature range for both the backyard swimming pool and the indoor swimming pool ranges between 75- 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this figure is not taken to be as the final one as the temperature varies from the preferences of individual to individual and varied environments.

Ideal swimming pool temperature attainment can be a little tricky job if one possesses backyard swimming pool sans heater. It is so because the swimming pool temperature gradually increases along with the season change and there is a heating of the pool, but the very initial swimming pool temperature of swimming season remains to be cold. It is in fact lesser than 70 degrees Fahrenheit or so which is not quite favorable for even the adventurous lot of the swimmers. If the backyard swimming pool does have a heater, then there are no issues as the temperature of the swimming pool water can be well adjusted as per the requirements and the convenience of the swimmers and their activity levels. For example, cooler swimming pool water is apt for exercising purposes while warmer one is good for beach/ lounge atmosphere.

When the temperature of the swimming pool is increased, this is to be well considered that it may have some effects on the maintenance of the pool. Like, if the pool water temperature is higher, there will be increased water evaporation and thus the pool owners will have to remain vigilant regarding when the water needs to be added for easy swimming. Also, higher pool water temperature also implies quicker build up of the dissolved solids which is actually the "bad stuff" which the chlorine then attacks in the pool water. In fact, having higher temperature may also burn the chlorine and the agents used for pool sanitizing far more quickly. The algal growth will proliferate and increased vacuuming, squeezing and swimming pool cleanups will be required.

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